Term Dates

Spring Term 2022
Term commences: Tuesday 4th January
Term ends: Sunday 3rd April
Half-term: Closed Monday 14th to Sunday 20th February

Summer Term 2022
Term commences: Tuesday 19th April
Term ends: Sunday 24th July
Half-term: Closed Monday 30th May to Sunday 5th June
Bank Holiday: Closed Monday 2nd May

Autumn Term 2022
Term commences: Thursday 1st September
Term ends: Sunday 18th December
Half-term: Monday 24th to Sunday 30th October

Spring Term 2023
Term commences: Thursday 5th January
Term ends: Sunday 2nd April
Half-term: Closed Monday 13th to Sunday 19th February

Summer Term 2023
Term commences: Monday 17th April
Term ends: Sunday 23rd July
Half-term: Closed Saturday 27th May to Friday 2nd June

FEES (music - red, and dance - blue)

Fees for dance classes are usually paid per term in advance; the amount will vary according to how many weeks are in the term and so weekly prices are given below which can then be multiplied by the amount of weeks. Over the course of a year, there are 39 weeks of lessons. Pupils wishing to terminate dance classes are required to give a half-term's notice in writing, otherwise a half-term's fees will be charged.

Fees for music lessons are paid every four lessons in advance. Students or parents of students wishing to withdraw from music lessons are required to give four lessons' notice in writing or to pay four lessons' fees in lieu of such notice.

Refunds are not available for any dance or music missed lessons (unless it is a cancellation made by the teacher), however pupils are encouraged to make up missed classes at an alternative time.

Tots Classes
30 minute classes − £6.50
Tots taking 2 x 30 minute classes per week (special concession) - £11.50

Primaries, Grades 1-5, Junior Street Dance & Jazz classes
30 minute classes − £7.00
40 minute classes − £7.50
45 minute classes − £7.75
Grades 6-8 and Vocational level, Pointe Classes, Senior Street Dance & Jazz classes
30 minute classes − £7.50
40 minute classes − £8.00
45 minute classes − £8.25
50 minute classes − £8.50
Private lessons
30 minute − £20.00
45 minute − £30.00
1 hour − £40.00

Fees amounting to £30.00 per week for any one family 10% discount
Fees amounting to £45.00 per week for any one family 15% discount
Fees amounting to £60.00 per week for any one family 20% discount

Music Small Group 1 hour £13.50 per lesson
Junior Academy Small Group 30 minutes £10.00 per lesson
One-to-one half hour £19.00 per lesson
Shared half hour (2 children) £11.50 per child per lesson
Shared half hour (2 siblings/parent & child etc.) £10.75 per student per lesson
The above are payable every four lessons in advance, with the first payment due on the day of the first lesson.

Discounts are only available for group lessons. Students attending 2 or more group lessons per week or 2 or more family members attending group lessons receive 10% discount
Pupils may miss ONE lesson in any one school term without charge, provided the Principal or instrumental teacher has been notified of the absence. If it becomes necessary to miss any further lessons during that term, please arrange an alternative time with the teacher. If this proves impossible, it will be left to the teacher's discretion to decide if the lesson must be paid for. Please also note that we require FOUR LESSONS' NOTICE IN WRITING, should a pupil wish to withdraw from lessons - or four lessons' fees in lieu of notice.

Payments may be in cash, by cheque payable to S Mulligan or by bank transfer (details upon request).